The Awesome Rat Trap Car!

      Hello fellow students. We are coming... to save a MOUSE! But not just any mouse, a mouse in terrifying and devastating-almost -about-to-die trouble. It's important, don't deny it. If you would like to contribute some cha-ching to our charity please call this number 602-325-0066. Thank you for caring, it means a lot to that mouse. Onto the story, we are what you would call... um... give me a sec... uh... THE COOKIE MONSTERS! (and I didn't just say that because I'm eating cookies either!) We are Allison Ditton, whom we call Allison, Aspen Smith whom we call Aspen, and Kayla Campbell whom we call Kayla. We are here to save the worl--... um mouse, hehe.

Continue on to follow our Mind-Sweeping adventure!

        The Life-Saving Contraption

       In these here blueprints we show you the brilliant, amazing, and pretty cheap contraption. Introducing you the the one... the only... and at a Walmart price... The Anti-Cat and Prisoner Mobile!

     How will it work? Simple. As the rat trap is set, as soon as it goes off, it will pull the string making the axle turn. This results in the back wheels turning, which in turn making the front wheels move. You can relate this to Newton's second and third law. The second law: the greater the mass an object has, the more force it takes to accelerate that mass, well, with a smaller wooden plank, it will be easier to move and with such great force resulting from the rat trap snapping. That will make the string unravel causing the wheels to turn. If the wheels were large, it would take more force, but seeing as how the wheels are thin and light, it will take less force to accelerate.  The third law: for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction, it relates because as the rat trap snaps, you move forward instead of backward. Besides that, the rat trap uses the spring force, when the string is attached to the rat trap it creates more tension in the string. This will result in the back axle moving which would therefore move the car forward.

10/20/08 - 10/24/08 -Building the Vehicular Device

     Throughout the week we have been gathering the materials that were found in the room in which the mouse was kept. Checking decisively, we acknowledgedly that all of these found materials could work well in creating a save-the-mouse mobile. These materials that we used were: a wooden plank, wooden rods, wooden wheels, rat trap, duct tape, and string. Looking at these things, you would wonder, how will this work... but behold it does.

    After all of the materials were gathered, we drilled holes on the side of the wooden plank for the wooden rods to fit in to make an axle. Then, in the middle we cut out a nice and simple rectangular box so we can see the back axle. We found the center of the wooden wheels and are going to momentarily drill them into the axles so that the axles won't fall out. We duct taped the rat trap onto the wooden plank after all of the touches were added so that it will stay on board. Then we added a cheesy license plate just for fun that says "Ckie Mnsters =)" this way our mobile will be known and a signature will be on. Classy... very classy.

   Stay tuned for more information concerning the Anti- Cat and Prisoner Mobile. Our next entry should be on a blog, by the way. So look for that next time, over and out.


Rat Trap Car Problems? Call 773-509-5027 for help!