The Awesome Rat Trap Car!

     Yes... the title says that we should be testing, but there has been a problem. A problem that could be solved... but most likely our first testing day will be tomorrow. What was the problem? Well, I will tell you, but you didn't here it from us.

      Something has come up... a terrible, but unconvenient something or someone, and that would be _____ (yes, you will never know, muah hahahahaha) Anyways, they couldn't get the work done. We will tell you why...

The Story: It wasn't long after noon when the cat took a detour into our room. Us, the Cookie Monsters, had to hide quickly. Even though it was thought to be a small intruision it lasted for hours and by that time our lead engineerer had fallen pray to the cat. In other words the cats singing put her to sleep, ah, that cat can't sing at all. We couldn't just blatantly wake her up, so we did the whipped cream and feather thing, but that didn't work well, and we even had to stiffle laughter. Hand in warm water? Nope, didn't work either. That cat has some sort of power, let me tell you that.  By the time the cat left, we were all under its spell which means no work done. At this moment we are blaming Ally... oops I guess you know now... ugh. Well, *clears throat* we have been left to update our photo album, which Aspen should have done tsk tsk.



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    October 2008



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